USADGC Qualifier Spots

Based on the current number of players in advanced (24) and the fact that we’re a B-Tier the top 4 finishers in Advanced will qualify for the USADGC.  There are at least two players in the field who have already qualified, but the invitations do not pass down.  So unless there are more Advanced players all of a sudden a maximum of 4 people will qualify.

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2 Responses to USADGC Qualifier Spots

  1. The Gur says:

    My question is u have Qualifying spots for advance …advance masters..advance senior grandmasters.or is just advance

    • dcowley says:

      The USADGC only has one division “Amateur Advanced” (MA1), so the other Advanced divisions cannot help someone qualify (unless it helps their player rating sufficiently to get an invite that way).

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