Game Day!

The time is finally here, it’s game day.

Check-in starts about 8am, player’s meeting is scheduled for 9:35, and we’ll hopefully be starting the first round just before 10am.

The Disc Cellar will be on site all day, and during the Flymart at the end, expect ~1,500 discs.  Feel free to come out and browse even if you’re not playing.  There might even be some live tweeting…

USADGC Qualifier Spots

Based on the current number of players in advanced (24) and the fact that we’re a B-Tier the top 4 finishers in Advanced will qualify for the USADGC.  There are at least two players in the field who have already qualified, but the invitations do not pass down.  So unless there are more Advanced players all of a sudden a maximum of 4 people will qualify.

Almost full…

We now have 70/72 spots filled, with a couple more registrations expected.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to play, as long as we can do so without compromising the experience for everyone else.

To that end, we may add a hole or two to accommodate more players, or play 5/group in some groups, but we have no intention of going 5/group on all pads.  It’s going to be a long couple of days, and we want it to be enjoyable and for everyone to be able to have some level of flow during their course experience.

Registration lists should be current as of right now.

Additionally of note, we currently have one Female Junior (under 10) who will be playing in the DCO.  For that division it will instead be 3 rounds of 9 holes.  This is a bit of an experiment for us, so we hope that it works out reasonably well for everyone.  If there are any other juniors who might be interested in a 2 day/27 hole experience (on shortened holes), we can accommodate more juniors.

Sign-up in person this weekend

The Disc Cellar will be on location Saturday at Robert Burnaby from noon until 2pm (so overlapping between doubles and club rounds), and at Mundy from 2pm until 4pm on Sunday (overlapping doubles and the Women’s Clinic).

You will be able to register for the event and pay cash or via credit card, and of course we’ll have discs on hand, including some of the custom stamped DCO models.

Projected Payouts

We’re just over a week away from the event and 6 days until the close of registration.  There are 19 spots remaining at this time.  The following represents the projected payouts if the tournament happened today.  As more people register, drop out or change divisions these numbers will change.  They should be reasonably accurate, but will change.

Note: All players receive a players package valued at $30+ (disc, towel, mini, Boston Pizza coupon), those “placing” get the additional benefits identified below.

Pro Open (MPO) – 45% of the field paid out (5/11)

  1. $355 + Trophy
  2. $240 + Trophy
  3. $170 + Trophy
  4. $125
  5. $100

Pro Masters (MPM) – 45% of the field paid out (1/2)

  1. $127 + Trophy

Pro Grandmasters (MPG) – 45% of the field paid out (1/2)

  1. $127

Click the more link for amateur divisions

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Basket Giveaway

Just to provide a little more details on the ace-it-to-win-it basket.  We’ll have at least one hole in each round where an Ace wins your the basket.  To make it even more awesome, we’re going to give away up to 5 baskets.

First Ace gets the Innova DISCatcher Sport (US$200+ value) that you’re throwing at, the next 4 aces get a Park & Sun Basket (upto C$80 value).

If there are no Aces we’ll still be giving away the Innova DISCatcher Sport at the end of the event.

Innova DISCatcher Sport


p.s. If you don’t win, The Disc Cellar has them in stock right now.

Registered Players

The registration list on this website and on the PDGA website should be pretty accurate now.  I need to go through my email and validate that I’ve dealt with all the special cases which have come up.

If you’re not on one or both lists, let me know.  If you want or need to change divisions, or didn’t but now want to join the PDGA or something else let me know.  Current registration sits just shy of 50 players, so there’s room for another 30 or so.  You could help us by spreading the word.

p.s. There may be a delay in dealing with the special cases as I’m expecting 9 boxes from Innova today and 1 from MVP, should be getting 3 from Prodigy tomorrow.

Just in case…

On the off chance that we fooled someone this morning, the $5,000 in added cash and the possibility of Simon Lizotte playing were our contribution to April Fool’s Day.

We hope to have some real announcements for you shortly.

$5,000 more in added cash!

We are pleased to announce that thanks to an anonymous donor The Disc Cellar Open now has more than $5,000 in added cash to the Pro Purse, and there will be an increase to the prizes for the Amateurs as well.

There’s also an unconfirmed report that Simon Lizotte will be in the area visiting family, and may play.